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reaction from the team. but first -- happening at this moment. bay area cities scrambling to prevent rowdy post- game celebrations. just hours ago, kron4 learned which areas. san francisco police believe could be potential trouble spots. grant lodes is here now with more on that. grant? >> reporter: san francisco police are focusing their efforts in four locations. the mission district - where things really got out of hand after the giants title. also the south of market area. north beach. and the marina. >> pam: our coverage continues now. kron 4's justine waldman just got back from interviewing the san francisco police chief. justine -- how do they plan to keep everyone in line?very simple pam. the san francisco police department will put out *twice as many officers as it did when the giants won the world series. just to make sure the rowdy celebrations. like these. do not happen again. when i talked with the chief today. he told me. officers will be out quote "everywhere" and will constantly be feeling out the crowd. >> depending on how we feel, if we have on/off and if we need to get
in castro valley. 56 in richmond, a little bit closer on the coast, cooler. dealey city, 70's and santa rosa. -- daly city this storm tracker pattern that we saw in the month of january it is going to stay dry. this is where we should be with rainfall totals for this time of year. but 6 in., in san francisco, we should see 5 in. however, we are well below for this time of year. the only areas in santa rosa, we desperately need the rainfall but we're not going to be getting it. this dry weather will continue for this week, the weekend and actually pretty warm. it is more like springtime. with even low 70's. >> catherine: an owl has a close call after getting hit by an s-u-v on the florida turnpike. the owl got stuck inside an s-u-v thursday night when a woman hit the bird as she was driving. the woman assumed the owl was road kill.but he survived and slipped through the s-u-v grill. afternoon that she noticed the owl caged in her s-u-v. she called florida fish and wildlife and an officer opened the hood and freed the bird. >> coming up speed hymps in the next edition of people behaving badly.
captured this fight. san francisco police were called from almost every district around the city to get things back in order. but the fact still remains that broadway and north beach is back to its old ways. all we know is something needs to be done. in san francisco, stanley roberts. >>> and new tonight at 6:00, j. r. stone spent the day in north beach where neighbors have had it. >> reporter: this is where the fight broke out early sunday morning. this is the latest violence to break out on broadway in north beach. >> swarms of cop cars. traffic closed off. police officers running. people fighting. it is out of control. >> reporter: roger wineman lived here twelve years, he is part of a community group that recently met with city leaders about the violence on broadway and north beach, even before sunday morning's fight, which broke out across from the strip club and broadway studios, two of several locations that had events going on. club owners at numerous locations all said the fight started outside among those that didn't go inside clubs that night. police could not confirm that, a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3